Dear BikeTrial Affiliate Nations


Darfo Boario Terme town is honoured to host the Bike Trial World Championship. Remembering the great success such international events had in the past in our area, I'm enthusiastic about accepting the proposal to have in our town such important competition.

My special thanks  to the Dynamic Trial Sport Association, which is an excellent landmark for this sport.

I welcome all the competitors and the fans, wishing they can find interesting things in Darfo Boario Terme so that they will come back as tourists.

Have fun and enjoy the competition!

Franco Camossi

Public Administration of Darfo Boario Terme




The hard work we did in the previous years with the Italian Championship and the Europe Cup has been rewarded.

BIU let us organize a competition for the World Championship 2010. My team has the honour to represent Italy. I think to be successful in sport we need lots of things: passion, dedication, friendship and moreover the help of those people who know the social importance of the sport and give their economic support. Through Bike Trial we can develop concentration, balance and we can learn to control our emotions. That's why Bike Trial is important and useful in the education of the youngsters.

See you in Darfo Boario Terme!

Roberto Mazzola

President of Dynamic Trial Sport Association




Italy is hosting for the first time the Bike Trial World Championship. BikeTrial in Italy is growing and lots of youngsters are approaching our sport. The local authorities give us their help to organize such important event. Darfo Boario Terme town has already hosted twice the Motorcycle Trial World Championship in the last five years, so it's the perfect location for the BikeTrial!

We're now going to give you all the information you need to enjoy the competition and your staying in our country.

Welcome to Italy!

Giuliano Gualeni

BIU Italian Delegate