World BikeTrial Championship must provide a Free Camping for all participants. It is one important rule in BikeTrial to give to all participants the possibility to compete without expense.  Camping Area, electrical service, wc and shower will be available for all participants that choose this solution for they permanence in Sonico.



The organization will erect a free camping area with toilets and showers for those who want to reach with its own vehicles such as camper vans or tents. Each seat will be equipped with electricity outlet.

camp_area electric_device Electric_ITA wc_shover
Free Camping Area Electric Power Device Italian 220V Adapter WC / Shower Area

In Italy you are using a voltage of 220V and people should be empowered her electrical appliances with this voltage.
The organization will install electrical panels comply with EEC and Italian regulations. Users of the camp must to purchase of adapters to connect their appliances.