Biking is one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities that anyone can partcipate in. Some tips on how to stay safe and look out for impending problems will help you enjoy during your bike activity. Using all needed security equipments in any cycling activities.



All riders / participants must possess health insurance, in order to be able to pay developed accidents.

The organizer does not pay expenses of the event for cares. Is necessary a health insurance for the riders.

The organizer will provide an additional accident insurance for every rider during the period of the competition.


The organizer will provide minor emergency medical services during competition for all riders.

If hospitalization is required, ambulance transport will be provided to hospital. Any hospital services out of the insurance coverage required for the athlete will be at the rider’s personal expense.


All competitors must execute the waiver and release of liability and name and likeness release before participating in the competition (at first license control when check in). If the rider executing this release is under 18 years old (a minor), his/her parent/guardian must sign the document also.