FanettiSonico is proud to host the BikeTrial World Championship 2012 and would enable them to honor the tradition that sees the Camonica Valley in highly prestigious international event.

After the successfully organized European Cup last year the Town Administration has accepted joyfully the proposal of Dynamic Trial Sport Association and all forces in the area to bring in our country an Event of this high level.

The enthusiasm of young athletes, associations land and of all citizens is at best, will certainly be a memorable event.

We welcome all the competitors and fans alike will enjoy the many things interesting that our country can offer. We are sure to go well, we believe we can offer an acceptance of notch to fivehundred people for several days centered around the event, from over fifteen countries, from four continents. A great opportunity to promote Sonico.

Dott. Ing. Fabio Fanetti Sindaco di Sonico (Italy).